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Location getting ther and away

getting there and around Puerto Lopez Ecuador

Name Quito-Manta Manta-Quito Tel.

From Manta to Puerto López is 2 hours buses leave Manta every 30 minuets until 5:30 Pm
Quito to Puerto López

Bus                                   Reina del Camino Executive--Direct Bus 8:00 am / 8:00 PM

     Carlos A. Aray--Direct Bus     7:00 am / 7:00 pm

HOTEL MAXIMA is located in the Heart of Puerto López, 2.1 k South of the Bus station and half a block to your Right towards the Pacific ocean. Just around the corner of the supermarket (TIA).We are only 1 and a half bocks from the beach. We are just around the corner from a wide variety of Typical restaurants, cafes, bars and discotheques. Also we are just around the corner of Machalilla National Park Office and Museum.

Please be careful of the Mototaxi's and the pretend guides waiting for you at the bus station They like to miss direct you, saying that the the Hotel you want to go to is full or closed. Do not believe them you will end up in a dreary hotel paying to much. MotoTaxi's are 50. cents per person if you have lots of luggage they will charge extra .

Reina del Camino

Map of Manibi Ecuador

Guayaquil to Puerto López

Bus Reina del Camino Executive--Take to Jipijapa 2 1/2 hours change bus to comp. Manglaralto  1 hour to Puerto López. Busses run all day up to 8:00 pm

Bus   Jipijapa Direct every 2 hours

       The “Acapulco of Ecuador” enjoys a wide bay dotted with fishing boats and backed by green hills. Even though most people use Puerto López only as a base for exploring the surrounding area, it’s still an enjoyable town with a lovely beach. In the morning, you can watch fishermen bring in and clean their catches, and in the afternoon see them cleaning and repairing their nets and boats.

  Along with is proximity to Machalilla National Park and the Isla de la Plata, Puerto López is probably the best-known and most popular whale-watching destination in Ecuador. Things can get crowded on weekends during whale-watching season (June–September), so reservations are a good idea.

Recreation and Events
Understandably, most of Puerto López’s activities center around the ocean. Humpback whales swimming north from Antarctica can be seen gathering in the calm waters of the bay from late June to early September. You can often spot them from the beach, or can choose from about a dozen tour companies in town for close-up viewing from boats. Most of these operations also offer tours to the Isla de la Plata and inland parts of nearby Machalilla National Park. All have roughly the same offerings and prices, and sometimes even share tour boats to ensure that the minimum group size is met.

  Puerto López hosts the World of Whales Festival in June.



Puerto Lopez National Park Machalilla


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